Kev White does Matt Dixon - Female Fantasy Miniatures

Created by Hasslefree Miniatures

A Bevy of Beautiful Female Fantasy Miniatures designed and sculpted by some of the World's Best Artists.

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Quick Post-Salute Update
11 months ago – Mon, Apr 08, 2019 at 11:05:00 PM

(Copy/pasted from the HF Facebook page with some KS specific additions in brackets) 

Allo Everyone,

I'll do a proper post-Salute thank you later, or maybe a quick newsletter thanks but this is a quick announcement to cover the current state of things.

It was a 'rough' show this year, multiple hands down. But it was still good seeing everyone and thank you all for the many and varied well wishes and words of support etc.

If you follow Sal's page, you will know the next part, but for those who don't., Sal collapsed at the end of the show, medics were called and kept informed and we booked her into a hotel to stay in London for the night. She did manage to drive home the next day but fell ill again and is currently hospitalised but well and waiting for test results. I'll pass on any info that Sal wishes on that.

I'm fine,for the most part, I am walking around the unit like Hans Moleman but I'm not in hospital so I'm winning that one. 'Medically cleared' probably shouldn't immediately start with 'moving multiple tons of metal' but there ya go.

Which means I am back to work, if a little slowly for today, and I will start getting back to everyone who messaged etc from the last few days later tonight and I should be back to normal tomorrow after another good rest.

 (This means the people who messaged us over the last week will see their KS orders go out as we picked and put them to one side before leaving. Some already went last Tuesday so you may already have them. Once done I will put another call out and then if nobody responds to that we are drawing a line under this KS and we will thank everyone etc.)

Closed for Salute!
11 months ago – Wed, Apr 03, 2019 at 12:50:43 AM

Allo Everyone

We're closed until Monday. Anyone who contacted us on, we received your message and we have put your pledges to one side to avoid any further delay. We'll contact you upon our return if we haven't already.

I appreciate the messages of support etc. always nice :)

We shall be back Monday and this should then be all behind us! Woot!


Stragglers Please Read!
11 months ago – Sun, Mar 31, 2019 at 11:20:05 PM

Hi Everyone

My apologies it's been a long time since the last update, and in fact that this will be so brief.

There is some explanation HERE

The briefness is due to the timing, we have a huge trade show next week that we cannot put off.

The important part of the above is...


It may take a short while to get back to you, due to show prep being time intensive but we 'will'.

I will also beposting a less brief final update after the show.


Issue Fixing Update!
over 1 year ago – Sun, Jul 01, 2018 at 06:39:15 PM

Ok, this 'was' supposed to be the middle of last week but thanks to a heatwave here in the UK, and my intolerance for working while sweating through my clothes, I abandoned ship on Wednesday so the update is today instead

We are in the 'issue fixing' phase of the Kickstarter i.e. anyone who's order was missed for some reason, who had a mispack or a breakage, that kind of thing.

The email for this is - write 'Kickstarter Fix' or something similar in the subject and we shall get back to you asap.

There is one thing you should check before doing so, did you get and reply to an email that had the subject header 'Kev White does Matt Dixon - Pledge Info'. A number of the issues have turned out to just be people who didn't reply to that email. We cannot ship your pledge without it so if you didn't, let us know and we'll re-send it :) Same email, same subject header.

While we're closed for heat/fixing stuff we're having a big summer sale over at Hasslefree - Details HERE

(If you already read the HF newsletter and emailed us, we have you and I'm on it :) )


Quick Update
over 1 year ago – Sat, Jun 09, 2018 at 02:05:08 AM

Hi Guys

I'm fine, I was just ordered to take some downtime. As you can see from the messages, the very last batch of orders went out and are just randomly arriving around the world, there 'are' a handful that were forced to wait for some remoulds as that last batch of resin wasn't complete as some moulds broke and needed replacing (Off the top of my head, one of the leopards definitely went, the annoying one to mould/cast with the curly tail) so some were delayed fiuther. I think there's a couple that had an issue with something extra ordered from the HF site etc. Just random stuff that makes you one of the unluckiest few.

And I'm sure there's some problems that I don't know about yet that I will find when I go back through the messages etc. (Also there's a number of people who haven't contacted us or filled in their pledge manager etc so I'll have to corral those somehow)

Any packing issues or breakage issues I'll deal with this coming week, apologies if that happened to you, we have sent out a 'lot' of packages and it seems like only made single digits of mistakes so that's pretty good I think :)

I'm back properly next week.


(And there's no need to tell you guys this, but it sums up my year and you get to laugh at me a bit, I wrote this days ago and didn't hit send, it's just sat here in an open tab :) )